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Hi, my name is Renata and I am new to EX. I have not yet quit smoking but I am working on it. Today I have only had 2. I want to quit for myself, a job but mostly for my family. I am hoping to be able to make some friends. I have never done the support group thing before. I have quit smoking 4 other times 3 of which was for almost a year because I was pregnate. I did all 4 times cold turkey. The 4th time was for my ex-boyfriend. This is my 5th time and final time of quiting. I have noticed though each time it does get easier to quit. I am a mother of 3 birth children and a 4th teenager who has adopted me and my boyfriend as mom and dad. I am in school to become a dental assistant. I don't know what else to say but here's to the healthy rest of our lives.