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Discussion created by melissa9 on Jun 3, 2008
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There are lots of reasons from I am just sick of it to it cost to much. But the main reasons I decided to quit is my 2 girls. My youngest was sitting on the couch with me one day and she looked at me ( I was smoking a cig) and she siad "Momma when I get big I am going to smoke just like you." That was a cut to my heart. NO she can't smoke. So I knew if I didn't want her to start I needed to stop. So I asked her if I try my best to stop do you promise not to start? SHe said Yes. So I tried and did stop. I know I can't hold her to that promise. She is only 10. My daddy told me I promised him when I was little that I would never smoke. But I am hoping since I quit she will decide not to start. I don't want my girls to deal with that nasty habit like I did. I so wish I would of never started but I did. Now I am fighting the get rid of that NIC DEMON. But I will win.