The Military Trap

Discussion created by june on May 25, 2009
Latest reply on May 25, 2009 by Giulia
I am in the National Guard, and I can't seem to make it through a drill weekend without giving in to smoke. I have conquered my everyday triggers, and the ones that only happen once in a while. But for some reason . . . I can't make it through a weekend once I put my uniform on. Maybe it's because I'm surrounded by smokers, or maybe it's because I can't run away from drill when I want to smoke, whatever the reason, drill weekends are especially difficult. Once the weekend is over, I can quit again, but I have to deal with THINKING about not smoking. It seems like every time my quit starts to get easier, there is drill to knock me back to square one. Are there any military members out there that have quit with words of wisdom for me?