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Discussion created by luvsroses_barb on Dec 29, 2008
How do you guys like the new image? It doesn't show all the words for me on my computer, I don't know about yours. It is supposed to say..."I have an incurable disease....but the disease does not have me." My son is dating a young girl who has cystic fibrosis and she has this on her Myspace page. I liked it so much I "borrowed" it for our page here. I thought it was much better than that nicodemon. Anyway. I hope you are all enjoying your holidays and remembering to keep your health in mind as you enjoy time with friends and family.

For those that don't know this. (I learned this at rehab). As you're eating at your parties. Please don't overfill yourself. At least not all at one time. Overfilling yourself can lead to breathing problems because as your stomach becomes fuller, it pushes up on your diaphram causing you to have a harder time breathing. She told me that from Thanksgiving through the New Year, they see more pulmonary patients in the hospital than any other time of the year.

Happy New Year all.

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