Albuterol Inhalers

Discussion created by luvsroses_barb on Sep 18, 2008
I talked to my pharmacist today. It's so nice working where I get my drugs from, having the pharmacy handy like that. They also have been having interns, and the intern they have right now is a soon to be doctor. Anyway, I asked her about the albuterol inhalers. Whether they were taking them all off the shelf or not. She as well as the intern doctor said that only the ones with the CFC's in them. If you have an inhaler with HFA, you are ok. Mine is Proventil HFA. So I thought I'd Google CHC and HFA and here is what I found. Hope this helps those of you who thought you would have to go to the powder form of inhaler. You do not. My Proventil is not powder. It is a fast acting inhaler just like Albuterol or Combivent. (I used to use both) There is a slight difference in taste, but that is all. Works just as well if not better.

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