Detoxing off Nicorette

Discussion created by bonnie4 on Sep 3, 2008
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Hey all!
I finally gave up the gum and as I feared, it was kind of trading one addiction for another. I justified it when I quit smoking because chewing Nicorette is better than smoking, right? Anyway, I got tired of paying $50 bucks a box and since I am beyond the recommended 12 weeks, I quit Nicorette Saturday. I had some smoking cravings Saturday, but thought it was brought on by the fact that I walked past the store where I used to buy my cigs. Didn't give in to the craving and stayed smoke-free. I noticed Sunday and yesterday that I have been short-tempered and easily frustrated and couldn't understand why. Well last night, when I found myself thinking about smoking again as if starting back were a viable option, I realized that it is just my disease telling me I need that chemical to survive. I think the gum must be a larger dosage of nicotine because quitting that affected my sanity even more than quitting smoking did. I guess that is because I was prepared for it when I quit smoking. This kinda took me by surprise. Anyway, I'm feeling much better today and just keep reminding myself of the unmanageability and insanity that using causes in my life because the behavior and thought patterns are no different regardless of whether I am talking about drugs, cigarettes or gum. Just for today, I won't use!!!