Change your thinking; Heal your life!

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I consider today a good day.  I finally decided on a quit date (coming up in 4 days!! - Nov. 15th!!)  I spent a lot of time here reading the website tips, the blogs, etc.  I watched the videos about addiction and using nicotine supplements.  I heard about and read Day 1 of that website.
That website talks a lot about having the right attitude to quit, and recognizing that the withdrawal symptoms will not be as bad as you FEAR they will be - that you've been conditioned to think that you need cigarettes, that quitting will be hard and miserable.... but in reality it's your Fear that gives the power to those withdrawals.
This concept goes hand in hand with the chapter of the book I read today.  I am reading "You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise L. Hay.  I wanted to share some of the key concepts from chapter two for people here like me; who have decided to quit smoking but are still a little afraid about taking that big step.  The book itself isn't about quitting smoking but I think the concepts within it can be applied to any problem in our lives... so I will just look at it from a "quit smoking" perspective.

You Can Heal Your Life
Chapter 2; What Is The Problem?

This chapter begins by talking about the negative impact of the word "Should".  I should be skinny, I should have a better career.  I should be a better mom..... Using the word "Should" emphasizes our lack; or what we don't have / haven't done.
Say to yourself what you have been saying for weeks;
"I should quit smoking."
Why?  Why should you quit smoking?  Well, there are a thousand reasons and you've already gone over them 100 times each.  But has knowing these reasons really been enough?  "I should quit smoking because - It's bad for me, it's bad for my health, it's bad for my family, I can't afford it, I hate being addicted...."    On and On

Change The Wording.  Eliminate the word "Should" from your vocabulary.  It creates fear and doubt.  Replace "Should" with "Could" - this eliminates the feelings of doubt and failure.
"I should quit smoking" becomes...
"If I really wanted to, I could quit smoking."
Wow.  That feels better doesn't it?  That feels.... empowering!  Say it again;
"If I really wanted to, I could quit smoking."

Now that you've cut away the feeling of failure associated with the word "Should", you recognize and affirm that you CAN do this, if you really want to!  So.... do you want to?   YES!!  You're here, you're reading this.  You WANT to quit so strongly... you want to be free, be healthy, etc.

So, the next question that comes after "If I really wanted to, I could quit smoking" is
Why Haven't I?

I'm an addict.
I don't have enough willpower or self control.
I haven't taken my health seriously.
I'm afraid I can't deal with stress without smoking.
I'm afraid I will fail.
I don't believe in myself.

If you're REALLY HONEST with yourself... you will find that all your excuses for not quitting yet are based in FEAR and Lack Of Self Worth.  These excuses give power to your fears and detract from your self love.  In the long run, none of the excuses you come up with are actually valid. 

Change your wording again.  Look at your list of reasons for not quiting yet, and turn these into positive phrases and affirmations.  This is what I did with my list:

"      I'm an addict   .        I Don't have enough self control   ."  - No thing, substance, or person has power over me except for myself.  I am in control.
"      I haven't taken my health seriously   ." - I love my body and I take my health seriously.
"      I'm afraid I can't deal with stress without smoking   ." - I deal with stress lovingly and creatively.
"      I'm afraid I will fail."    - I am succesful and unafraid.  I believe in myself.
"      I don't believe in myself."    - I am filled with power and self control.

Say these positive phrases to yourself throughout each day.  Write them on post-it notes and put them around the house, especially in places where you go to smoke.  Say them out loud to yourself in the mirror!!  You may be a lot more ready to quit smoking than you thought you were.... and now you know that your excuses are just fears... and your fears are illusions. 

"If I really wanted to, I could quit smoking.  Because I love my body and I take my health seriously.  I am succesful and unafraid.  I believe in myself."

Oh yeah - I only smoked 6 cigarettes today!  That's 2 less than yesterday, and 6 less than what I was smoking daily last week.  I KNOW I can do this!!  YOU CAN TOO!