Smoking and my belief in God.

Discussion created by neison71 on Jun 30, 2010
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One evening my 83 year old aunt said to me, "Mary, do you think God approves of your smoking?"  The very next morning on a 'Joyce Meyer' conference, part of her discussion was my body being the temple of the Holy Spiirit, and our responsibilities and Christians to make our best effort to keep our bodies in the very best shape we could, physically, and spiritually. THAT was all I need to hear. I felt like God was 'tryin to tell me somethin, and coming from Him, I really ought to listen and make my best effort to do as I'm told!! So I did, today's my quit day, since 11am (it's 7pm my time),  and I'm hoping to find some like minded people to go through this experience with.  Thanks for reading all that!!!  Neison71 (Mary)  ALL THIS IS MEANT TO BE IN THE DISCUSSION ENTITLED "BECAUSE OF YOU."