Smoking and self-worth

Discussion created by edith2 on Oct 9, 2008
When I smoked, smoking was one of the ways that I covered up my feelings. Instead of sharing my feelings with others, I would light up. Smoking was my comfort blanket. It was my escape, my friend and I went to any lengths to protect my right to smoke. When I quit, it was one of the hardest things I ever did. One of the reasons it was so hard was because it was something I did for myself. If you need new shoes, I'll drive 100 miles to get you the best quality shoes and money isn't an issue. But if I need new shoes, I won't even walk across the street, nor will I spend a penny on myself. I'll stay with wearing my old worn out shoes that give my feet no support. The shoes are ugly and have holes in them. That metaphor right there paints a real good picture of why so many people won't quit. Smoking damages our self-esteem and we're not worth quitting for. That is one of the symptoms of our addiction. That is why after my relapse when I quit for 19 months that it took me 30 years to decide to quit again. Smoking was my slow form of suicide. So please believe me when I tell you this: You are supposed to be here. There are so many people in your life that love you with all their hearts and want you to be here longer. You deserve a better life. You deserve the freedom of being a non-smoker and not a prisoner of this horrible addiction. However you do it, I promise I will be here for you. You have more strength than you realize. You are a success story waiting to happen and please don't give up before your miracle happens.