For those who have relapsed.........

Discussion created by edith2 on Dec 3, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2008 by John-C.
There is a member on this site who is very hostile towards people who have relapsed. I totally disagree with his approach and I have told him how I feel. This website is all about supporting people trying to quit, not tearing them apart. It took me four tries to get where I'm at today. I don't need people beating me up when I slip and fall. I believe that using love and compassion towards a fellow smoker goes much farther and is more effective. What matters to me is not happened in the past, but what I'm doing right now and how the other person is doing right now. So I want to welcome you with a big hug and let you know I've been where you're at.

Update: 1-8-09
I still feel the way about showing compassion, but I have made amends to the person I mentioned in this discussion. He does mean well, and I have found that his discussions and blogs are very informative and helpful. I invite everyone to check out HWC's blogs and discussions. He does really care and has helped alot of people.