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When something we need to change comes up and slaps us in the face, that is definitely motivation. I got a comment today from Alan T. that I wanted to share because he has such a strong message.

"Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to give an update on my recovery efforts. On 2-14-09, I smoked my last cigarette. 2-16-09, I was in the emergency room at a local hospital, due to my inability to breath. I was kept over for observation that night. I was prematurely discharged on 2-19-09. I left the hospital sicker than when I went in. Oh, by the way, I suffer from emphysema. I went to a different hospital on 2-20-09,due to respiratory distress, and I was admitted to the MICU (Medical Intensive Care Unit). I was discharged on 2-25-09.

I am doing 'okay'. Today is my 11th smoke free day. The above incident has left me not only frightened but, also more committed to staying stopped.

I could have been a 'goner.' Give yourself a break today. Quit while you can!"
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