DETERMINATION really pays off big!!

Discussion created by edith2 on Jan 18, 2009
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This is a blog I read that was written by a wonderful woman named Lola.....thank you Lola!!

"Hang in there quitters! If you are anything like me, during my quitting phase, I suffered a lot, but it got easier as time went by.
Month 1 was like a title wave trying to pull me in
Months 2 & 3 the waves were still strong trying to knock me down
Months 4 thru 10 the waves progressively got weaker, and I felt less of a fight each new month
Months eleven through thirteen.....the waves were like little toddlers trying to knock me down.........you could only chuckle at their effort.
Still wondering when the cravings would come to a complete stop.......after the 14th month, I thought to myself......wow the cravings are completely gone! Incredible!!!
Month 15 and on, I actually forgot I was ever a smoker. The same thing that used to give me comfort was now like sewage to me. Zero temptation after 15 months! I was freeeeeeeee from that moment on!!!"

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