One is the lonliest number........

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This is a copy of a message I received from Corina. I love it! I can relate to this so much! I drive cab and once in awhile when I'm picking up garbage and change that has fallen under the seat(one time I found $50!!), I have found a cigarette. I still get a fleeting thought of lighting up and then quickly discard it. I love this message that Corina wrote!

"I've been doing great on my quit. Very few temptations, far easier than I thought it would be even during some tough times at work and in my personal life, and proud of myself for steadily pressing forward, then........ BOOM!!!!!!!!!!! THE MONSTER, THE CANCER STICK, THE STINKY BEAST, THE MONEY BURNER, THE CREEPY COUGH MAKER, THE TIME WASTER........... "IT" snuck up on me!

Saturday was a beautiful day. It was my 6 week anniversary of my quit. I bought a new desk for my home office and it was delivered. And while making room for it I started cleaning, and cleaning, and cleaning until, before I knew it, I was in the motions of a deep spring clean. My house was looking GREAT!!!!!!!!! Then, it happened. I found "IT". A lonely Marlboro. The last one in a pack long forgotten in the back of a drawer.

Carefully and gently I took it out of its nest and looked closely at it. It was still perfectly formed. I gently set it down on the coffee table and sat back. I looked at it from the left, then from the right. Afraid to disturb it in case it decided to roll away. I thought about how sad it must be to be so lonely, and how it was begging me to pick it up and make it part of me. I could smoke it and NO ONE would know that I did. I didn't HAVE to tell anyone I did. It didn't mean I'd have another one, and another one, and another one. After all, it was JUST ONE. Just ONE lonely cigarette. The psychological battle felt like it went on for at least a half hour, but when I looked up at the clock, only two minutes had gone by. I didn't know how much longer I could last....

SO, I tore it up into 4 pieces (so it wouldn't be lonely any more) and threw it in the garbage.

PHEW! That was a dangerous one!!!!!! I barely escaped that trap, but man oh man it felt so good to WIN! 45 days today, and STILL smoke free.

Moral of the story. Never let your guard down, it's a sneaky habit that loves to creep up on you and catch you unaware, and unprepared."

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