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A message from Jean to all members of YES YOU CAN! on Become An EX!

Hi, I have been reading alot of the letters from everyone for the last two days and decided to join this group. I am 54 years old and have been smoking 2 packs a day for 32 years. Time to overcome this, dont you think? All my children are grown and i have 7 grandkids. Another plus is that my husband dont smoke.I am like a million other smokers that really need to quit but dont really want to. I am in a comfort zone.And I also believe it to be a Stronghold of my Mind. I had to get off of nerve pills on my own bout 15 years ago. And the only way that I was able to do that was with Gods help. He never let me down, was always there! And I also believe that is the way I am going to have to handle quitting smoking too. Because it is not only the cigarettes but the lies that the devil throws at you too, that you have to battle.But with God we can win!!!!!