The First 30 days

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This is one of the best blogs I've ever read since I've been coming to this website. It was written by a gal named Sherry on Sept. 18, 2008.


"I wrote down how I felt everyday at night before I went to bed so here is the list! Maybe it will help you if your new into your quit or just about to start your quit! GL TO EVERYONE!! ( I quit COLD and everyone is different so I'm not saying you will go through the same things as me!) ITS A 28 DAY LONG LIST, SO IT WILL TAKE SOME TIME TO READ!! BUT I THINK ITS WORTH IT LOL!!


#1- NOT HAPPY TODAY but was excited to start this quit!

2. Going to pull my hair out, this is not going to be easy.

3. Felt not so bad today but the cravings really sucked, My mind kept telling me to just have a couple of drags it will make you feel better. (I know better then that)

4. Whent through the whole day with only cravings and no longing (if that make any sence)

5. Still lots of cravings and I felt very emotional all day

6. Started to wounder if its all worth it today

7. ITS WORTH IT!! (My 4 year old son told me he is proud of me today)

8. Felt very up beat and full of energy. I think I'm going to try to be more active with my son to help keep my mind off of this no smoking stuff..

9. Was around a smoker today (I did want one, but I didnt cave) It wasnt even like I was craving one it was just that I wanted one!!

10. Started listing how far I have gone with out a smoke on facebook today, the responce has been overwelming! So many people now know and I will have to answer to everyone if I fale!!

11. Cravings are only every now and then but I found myself thinking about it all day today.

12. Had a dream last night about taking a couple of drags. (I felt all dirty and ashamed for the whole day, even though it was just a dream)

13. Spent some time over at a friends house today, they all smoke there. I was so scared I didnt even want to go but I know I cant hide from my friends so I got some gum and had a great time! (they where all very supportive and full of questions on how I did it) It made me feel really good about what I was doing!

14. I woke up this morning and when to the store to get milk and well at the cash out I asked for my normal pack of smokes that I would buy at this store all the time... (without even thinking about it) I then told the casher, no thanks to the smokes.

15. I felt so strong yesterday saying NO, then I had an issue with my boyfriend and I was going to brake down. I cryed and cryed and through it all I kept saying "I just want a smoke it will make me feel better!!" (friends wouldnt let me)

16. I'm up, Im down, I'm all over the place!!! Im going nuts!! Why am I doing this to myself!!! My boyfriend told me today that my teeth are looking whiter now!! I'm happy about that cuz that was one of my reasons why I wanted to stop! GETTING WHITER TEETH!!!

17. Everything and I mean EVERYTHING is driving me NUTS!! Every little thing is getting on my nerves and I feel like I'am going to SNAP!!! I thought this was going to get easyer the further along I made it!! WTF

18. Lost it on the one I love the most last night but I was so messed up... Good thing he was understanding! Its crazy how one day I feel so good and the next I don't. Today I only had a couple of cravings and didnt think about it all the time!

19. I really just want to smoke, well thats what my mind is telling me anyways. All day today I just wanted one and tonight it got even werse! I dont know how much longer I can keep telling myself that I can do this!

20. Talked to a friend today she told me about a site to try out but I dont know... Smelt a women in the store today and OMG she smelt so good!! I wanted a smoke so bad just from the smell of her!

21. I think I'm honestly starting to brake now.... Today was so hard, this is not getting easyer and my mind is going nuts! Started to spit up a bit of crap today... YUCK!!!

22. Its crazy, during the day I don't want to smoke but at night, maybe cuz I'm not doing much, I REALLY want one. Its so bad now that I have asked a friend to night to bring me one. Thank goodness she said no! I would have smoked it!

23. I feel so good that I have made it this far yet I want to give in! One side says just go get some smokes and the other says, oh but you have made it this far!! Sarting to really feel like this is not the right time for me but I cant give in I have come so far already! Smelt another person today and this time it smelt NASTY!! (but I still wanted it) STARTING TO HATE THE SMELL OF SMOKE!!!

24. Relized I needed some help with this today and a friend told me about a site called become an ex so I joined it and I read some posts.(it really made me feel better) I ate an egg, cheeze and ham sandwitch today and I noticed how well I could tast everything!! I didnt even put any thing on it for more flavour! I CAN TAST BETTER NOW!!

25. Wrote my first blog on become an ex today and it felt good! I dont feel so good though, had another dream last night... I think my mind is trying to get me to give in! And the cravings have been so very bad for the past I guess 3 days! I have had this Glade candle for a long time now and any time I lit it befor I would have to go and stand right over it to smell it, I just thought that they didnt work as well as everyone says!! WELL I was WRONG!!! Today I was in the kitchen cooking and I had it lit in the living room and I could smell it from about 15 feet and even over the smell of the food!! I CAN NOW SMELL BETTER!!

26. Since I have joined become an ex 2 days ago I have felt better, I think all I needed was to know that there are other people going through what I have gone through... I made my first friend on there today... sounds silly writing this but its feels soo good. I know now that I can do this with the help of other members and I have a totaly different view of this whole quit thing thanks to become an ex and the blogs I have read! I even started a group on Facebook called BECOME AN EX (smoker) to get the word out there to my friends and others about the site become an ex!! I asked Ex members to join but so far not much luck...

27. I'am in pain today, in my chast and throat! I dont know what it is but I hope its nothing. I feel like I smoked 10 packs of smokes.... NOT GOOD. Starting to think that asking members on Ex to join in on my Facebook group was a bad idea... no one is responding to my posts about it... I just thought they would want to tell there friends about EX as much as I do!

28. No more pain today so far I feel great! I sang a song to my son this morning and it felt so nice, I felt so clear in my throat and it was so much easyer to sing, I didnt gasp quick to get the air I needed for the next word or anything!

29. Today was ook I havent had many cravings and I have felt so overwelmed by the amount of responces to my post! People are really making me feel that this is worth it! Joining Ex is helping me change my life!!

30. Today was the big day!! 30 DAYS!! I felt so great this morning, I got up and whent to the store to get ham to I could make eggs and ham, I also got a corsont to have with it! I sat and ate and felt to great... the food tasted sooo good and I was so happy that I have made it this far!! I enjoyed the day so much, telling everyone I could just to hear that "Great job" or "Well done" and I would feed off of it... feeling more and more like I have done what so many people thought I could never do... (more so myself, to be honest. I never thought I would make it this far!!)

I hope this helps.. I know it helped me to keep track of how I was feeling. I just noticed well reading this back to myself that since I have joined EX I havent had many cravings at all... Not enough to have to right them down anyways!! Best of luck to everyone!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!"