Devine Intervention

Discussion created by edith2 on Sep 23, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2008 by carole2
I got a great comment from a new member this morning and she said this: "Maybe for me the biggest hurdle to get over was realizing there was never going to be an easy time. Devine intervention was not going to happen. You know, the morning we all wait to wake up, and we just do not want to smoke any longer!!!" How very true. This one thing I believe is the main thing that keeps us from jumping in there and starting our quit. We come up with every excuse under the sun why we can't quit. There are no excuses. None. Then there's the one where people set their quit date for the next millenium.....it's fear. Do it ASAP. You may be dead before hell freezes over. All of us who have tried to quit have gone through the withdrawals and the nerve-racking feelings of being uncomfortable. I'm glad that quitting is hard. It has made me stay quit. I don't want to go through the withdrawals again.