Just A "Regular" Mom

Discussion created by feline11 on May 25, 2008
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I joined Become an Ex not too long ago (maybe 3 days), because I know its time to quit! I hate smoking...every time I smoke I feel guilty and ugly and stupid. I smoked a little during both of my pregnancies. By a little, I mean, maybe half a cigarrette in a day, but nevertheless, I was smoking. My 6 year old daughter hates it, my son is only 2 months old, so he can't object. But all I have to do is see his face to know that I'm wrong. I promised my daughter she would never see me smoking again, which to her meant I would quit. To me it meant I had to hide from then on. I don't know why I smoke, I think its because everyone around me smokes....I grew up in a house full of smokers, my mom, my siblings, my aunts and uncles, everyone. My husband smokes, I was in the Army, 95% of all soldiers smoke, or so it seems. I just can't seem to get away from cigarrettes! But I know that I have to quit. I must quit, for me, for my children, for God, and to prove to my family that it is possible. But it will be hard, because right now my husband is outside smoking, and I want to join him SO BAD....