Feeling very unsure

Discussion created by momathome on May 22, 2008
Latest reply on May 23, 2008 by donna73
Ok, starting to have second thoughts, maybe I am not ready. I am trying to follow the program, and the whole tracking thing seems pointless for my situations. I already have a pretty strong disconnect between urges and smoking. I mean that I almost never can have a ciggarette when I have that urge, I ussually already wait 10-20 min before actually smoking. This isn't helping me to not want to smoke.Maybe I am just expecting too much too soon, I don"t know. I am very confused right now. Also scared to not quit cuz I know I will face a-lot of "I told you you wouldn't" and The good ole "you just don't have any willpower.
I am gonna stick with it, Im hoping it will make more sense as I move forward with the program.