3 Days Quit

Discussion created by andrea30 on Aug 30, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2008 by michele7
I've finally done it. I was supposed to quit on September 1st, but decided "why wait". I was ready and I'm feeling good about it. I'm on day four and feeling pretty strong. I read a book that really helped me out and has gotten me into the best mind set I could possibly be in to do this. I've only had one really big craving and I was able to get through it so I'm happy.
My husband hasn't quit yet but he is being incredibly supportive. I'm sure he's going to quit when it's his time. I think he's a little worried about quitting right now because he's actually quit a few times. And every time I haven't quit with him and I drew him back in every time. I think he's waiting to see if I really do it this time. Which I will and then I think he will quit. With us trying to have a baby starting in October I'm hoping he will begin his quit before then, but like I said he will find the right time for him.
I just have to be strong for myself and do this quit for myself and no one else.