Trying to quit while pregnant.

Discussion created by ashley46 on Jul 1, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2008 by shawn10
I'm 4 weeks pregnant, though I only found out a couple days ago. I'm about a pack a day smoker. I've cut down to about 10-12 ciggs so far. Yesterday I only had about 6-7. Instead of smoking a whole cigarette, I'll smoke half, and smoke the other half later. I am such a habitual smoker.I smoke after everything I do. Not just driving. But while doing my makeup and hair, after getting out of the shower (eww). It's bad. But if I think I need one. I just take deep breaths and realise how good that oxygen is for my baby instead of the nicotine and carbon monoxide. I know it sounds like a long show... but tomorrow I plan to not have a cigarette all day...and hopefully never again. they say most people have success quiting when it's cold turkey, not weaning them off on patches and here i go!!! i'll keep you guys updated.