My Unborn Baby Boy

Discussion created by ashley46 on Nov 1, 2008
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My #1 reason is for the little guy inside my belly. I didn't quit right when I found out, but I did eventually quit by 16 weeks (4 months). I woke up one morning and lit a cigarette. Halfway through I put it out and said, NO, this is it.... how selfish am I? Seriously? And I have not smoked since. That was 41 days ago. I know I will be smoke-free while I am carrying my baby boy, though I can't be so sure about after he is born....I don't want to start up again, but it will be much easier to say....just one wont hurt me right now... and then you know how that turns out...before you know it your smoking a pack a day or more. my little boy means the world to me right now, and i love him so much...this is for you....

Well, I managed to stay quit! It's been 5 weeks since I had my beautiful baby GIRL! That's right... I was suppose to have a boy, but she came out a girl! She was 7lbs 9oz (and a week early at that) and perfectly healthy! I'm so glad I quit, I now know how much of a nasty habit it is, because my fiance still smokes and it's awful (smokes outsides and washes his hands but still). THe only reason i'm not starting up again is for my daughter...she doesn't deserve to smell it all the time, from both parents.she truly is a blessing