What a pleasant surprise!

Discussion created by emtgonenutz on Jun 2, 2008
I got one of those automated phonecalls from Walgreen's yesterday. For the life of me I couldn't figure out what med they'd have for me as I already picked up my personal pharmacy of meds a few days ago, so I called to see what was up and what I found out was the blessing I've been needing! MEDICAID...covered my Chantix!!! I've been fighting with them for what seems like forever and they kept saying they don't cover it...no way, no how. So I had gotten the script from the doc last week to hold on to until I could cut down my smoking and save up enough cash to buy them. Apparently the doctor pulled the back surgery card with Medicaid (it's not even close to being scheduled, but I do have to quit smoking before I have the surgery, so I guess it's not really like he lied, lol) and it worked...my cost was only $3!! YAY

So today is day 1 on Chantix for me. No weird side effects or anything and I've been able to cut down my smoking so far, tho the hardest part for me is the late nights as I don't sleep much (from the pain) so we'll see if I can make it thru till tomorrow. I'm mostly smoking outside except for a couple during the Red Wings game in the living room. It's VERY hard for me not to smoke in my bedroom and I can imagine how tough it will be when the pain traps me in bed days at a time like it usually does, but I'm hoping that I can get a few days of being used to not smoking in there under my belt before the pain monster strikes again, which will make it a whole lot easier.

I've decided not to tell anyone except my kids and didn't intend to tell them either except that my oldest heard me on the phone with Walgreens and sensed my excitement, lol. But I just decided that until I've been on the Chantix a little bit and am making good progress at quitting I'm just not going to advertise it yet. I'm so pumped and excited about possibly being able to beat this thing once and for all! I really feel confident that I won't fail this time, and I'm fully prepared to take a little longer if I have to as long as I'm still making progress with smoking less and seperating more. Better to take the long road and get there than to take the short road and get lost is what my g'pa always said!

Anyway, if any of you have Medicaid (state/low income insurance..not sure what it's called elsewhere) and haven't been able to get them to cover it, talk to your doc about getting a prior authorization...ya just never know when they might go ahead and cover it! Hey, I even have refills authorized!

Yes my friends, THIS is a very good day and what I hope to be the first day of the rest of my life without smoking! :o)

Good luck to the rest of you...I'm sure I'll have bad days and will need support, and know that I'm always here to support the rest of you as well!

God Bless you all.