Going to start taking chantix, questions

Discussion created by cindy16 on May 9, 2008
Latest reply on May 16, 2008 by rob17
I plan on eating before taking. Hopefully will not feel ill. I have a weak stomach. I heard taking half a pill twice a day would help. Cut dose in half. Think that will work? Has anyone took the chantix for a week then stopped smoking and used the patch at the beginning of the non smoking period?How long after taking chantix did everyone stop smoking? I heard it takes longer than a week, I heard closer to two? I heard you just do not feel like smoking anymore and the cigarettes taste bad? I tried a while ago but did not take like I was suppose too. I missed doses etc. My husband's aunt said she only took the chantix for a month. Then did not need anymore.
Thanks, Cindy