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Discussion created by laura78 on Sep 18, 2008
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Good morning! My name is Laura. I started taking Chantix yesterday. I know that this can be successful for me. I took Chantix Jan 07 and kept a nine month quit. For me, it makes the idea of "NO MORE" much more bearable. It helps to get over that fear of the actual quit! 9 months later- blew it - of course it was not the physical addiction that got me. It was pure mental. I felt like I missed it! UGH! 9 months down the drain! So now, after a whole year of smoking again - you guessed it - IT SUCKS! Cant breath, want to work out but can't because I am tired....oh- and did I mention feeling like crap every day? Colds, allergies, you name it - and smoking is NOT helping. So, I here I am. Day 2 on Chantix!
Just wanted to say HELLO!