Chantix/ Nicotine gum

Discussion created by cindy16 on Oct 21, 2008
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I know this is not what the directions say. Some people take chantix for 60, 90 days before quitting. You can smoke while taking chanix. Why can't you chew nicotine gum to help change your habits ? Not smoke cigarettes but if you feel you need nicotine chew gum for a week. I asked the pharmacist and he said it would not hurt you. I just may buy some and keep it in the drawer. If I feel the need and want it chew a piece.I know the directions do not say to do this. Please do not post the chantix directions. I know them. But if you can smoke while taking chantix I do not think it would hurt chewing gum. Guive up the cigarettes, then chew gum a week to still get nicotine while changing habit. Cindy