Chantix and when to stop it after becoming smoke free.

Discussion created by fran on May 13, 2008
Latest reply on May 13, 2008 by liz19
I used chantix. I stopped smoking My first smoke free day was May 7th. I was 3 weeks smoke free then I stopped the chantix. I had a slip up on sat not for anyonther reason than I was acting like an idiot. All I can say is this. Chantix is a drug thathelps you to ween off cigarettes. It is not the thing that makes you quit. You are the thing that makes you quit. So as soon as you are smoke free and have a few weeks under your belt get off the chantix. You do not need it anymore as long as youplan to stay smoke free. It is not your cigarette replacement. Neither is anything else. Don't replace your cigarettes. Learn to live without them. HOnest and truly it's the best advice I can give. PLease beleiveme when I tell you that you are your strength, not your chantix or your gum or your whatever. You and you alone. I have been off chantix for weeks I bought cigarettes saturday and smoked 2 when I realized what an idiot I was acting like I threw the rest down the toilet. No Chantix in my system at all. I have been smoke free since. Prior to that I had 32 days smoke free, I threw them away like they were nothing. Then I got back onmy horse and rode away....with out the chantix...So once your smoke free and you are ready to beleive that your the one fighting...stop taking the chatix right away!!!