Chantix and your mental status

Discussion created by fran on Apr 18, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2008 by diana11
You can do this!!! I am in my 12th week with the chantix and I am smoke free and I am ok. Infact I sat there today and watched my mom and some of her friends smoke up a storm infront of me and never had a craving. I was amazed I was waiting for it but it never came. There is a trick to it and I know what it is. You have to beleive it can work. Afer your first week on chantix the addiction is strictly mental not physical. Once you know that then you can move forward and work on the mental aspect. I didn't change behaviors or anything except "my way of thinking" thats the trick. If you are really ready to quit then you have to set your goals and recondition you mind to know that you and you alone can do this. You need not worry about what anyone around you is doing because it's not them you need to change. You need to focus in on your own goals and acheive them...even if you have to go hour to hour. If you want to know more I can help...