Another Newcomer, But Ex-Smoker!

Discussion created by papagei on Apr 3, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2020 by Mark
I just joined to let everyone know that you can and will do it!

I smoked for 39 years! All it took was for me to be ready. Sounds simplistic, but I knew all the nagging in the world would never get me to quit because I just did not want to. That's the bottom line. After my birthday this year, I just KNEW it was time. I still had a carton and a half left, so I would finish those up and not buy any more.

I have to admit that it was so much easier than I thought! Perhaps that is due to what I smoked - I had switched to Native - a natural brand without the chemical additives the big companies put in. You can get them at casinos and online. I also smoked the lightest formula.

All I really miss is the behavioral stuff. I never believed I was "addicted' to nicotine. I wonder if companies make that up for selfish reasons. It is all behavioral for me.

It has been 2 months and there are days I do not even think of smoking. Then there are those stressful days I really REALLY wish I had one LOL But I will not go back because I know it is time.