Newbie here too! Help!

Discussion created by melissa24 on Jun 6, 2008
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HI There all! Basically, I am a working mom of three going through a divorce, who found out last night that due to a CT scan, I may or may not have lung cancer (find out in 3 months after the 2nd CT) Talk about stress!!!!!! My doc said I need to quit NOW!!!!! Needless, to say I joined today because it is better late than never! I have been a smoker for only 6 years and thought, nah it would never happen to me! But I learned yesterday, you don't have to smoke for 20 yrs to get cancer!!!! 6 yrs is enough....anyone out there with similar experiences or ideas in dealing with the next 3 months of stress while trying to quit lemmie hear it cuz I am freaking out!!!!