I quit cold turkey in January

Discussion created by dina-haines on Jun 18, 2008
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I quit cold turkey in January. I was able to just put it down and stop. All of my best friends smoke, my boyriend, and my parents. It didnt make a difference. I was able to go out and drink and not smoke. I could hang with everyone and not smoke. Now that I am six months in, I no longer crave a cigarette. I dont crave the nicotine. I am not sure what makes me do it, but recently I started smoking *only* (which doesnt mean a thing) when I am out with either of my two best girlfriends and *only* when we are drinking. It is so strange. I made it six months without one. I thought I kicked it. I never want one when I am home around the boyfriend while he smokes. Or when I am driving. Or that fabulous one after a big meal. Its only around these two girls. It is very strange, and I need some help to get back to where I was when I so proudly quit, "cold turkey"