Rantings from a Non-Smoking Lunatic

Discussion created by bill-v_ on May 9, 2008
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I've read several posts here that have really set me off. It's absolutely true that you will fail miserably if you "try" to quit...."trying" has no place here whatsoever. You quit or you don't. Really is that simple.
Second, Chantix is a wonderful aid in helping you learn what it takes to be smoke free. It effects everyone differently as far as potential side effects. Mild nausea (just after taking the pill) and sleep pattern disturbance (and VIVID dreams!) are by far the most common, and really no big deal when you consider what you've been putting in your body for years. The nausea is usually from not following the instructions that tell you to take with food. Banannas are great in the morning!
I've seen people here that say they had to quit Chantix because it was too expensive. I live in Wisconsin and had to pay $4.75 a pack before I quit. That's about $142.00 a month. If I would've had to pay for Chantix out of my own pocket (which I DID the first month), the prescription was $125.00 a month. End of discussion. I heard one lady argue that she could "roll" her own for about half the normal cost of smokes and complain that she couldn't afford Chantix. I asked her if she had cable t.v., did she go out to eat, etc. ....see where I'm going with this? If you can find the money to smoke and die, you can find the money not to smoke and live.
Cravings. Yes, they're out there. For the most part, they nag you a little for a few minutes and go away. You get better at ignoring them, but you will get an urge now and again. If stress and the day to day problems in life make it so you can't resist picking up that smoke.... you have no commitment to quitting, because you don't deal with life with lungs full of death. It's ridiculous the excuses I've seen. And that's just what it is; excuses to KEEP smoking. And these people seem to want support for their decisions. "AAWWWWWW, you pooooooor thing" does nobody any good and is not supportive. Telling someone to quit whining and grow up (there are somewhat nice ways to say it) is tough, but EXACTLY what needs to be said.
For me, quitting has not been "a day at a time" but forever starting the second I threw the last empty pack away. That was 100 days ago, and I'm stronger every day. I smoked for 35 years, and I work and live in high stress. Everything in the world was a "trigger" for me to smoke. I could smoke one down to the butt in 2 minutes flat.....and I quit. I didn't "try" or "slip" or "cheat just a little". I took Chantix to help and quit. I only did the 12 week program, but so many have stayed on past 4, 5 or 6 months. Whatever works for you, do it.