Im new to this posting and discussion thing but here it goes.

Discussion created by mike-williams on Jul 28, 2008
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I started taking chantix again about 3 weeks ago. I had taken it before and it had worked really well for me. quit for almost 2 months but really had no plan to keep myself from going back to smoking and as soon as i got around my friends i caved and started back up. Anyway, i've had really gnarly side effects from the drug this time around. the biggest thing is feeling exausted all the time, i can barely keep my energy up at work to function, i've tried to counter it with caffeene but it doesnt seem to help, also i feel (for lack of a better word) depressed. I've heard from friends that it can be pretty bad on your emotional state while on the drug and i think im experiencing that first hand. i stopped taking it for a few days now and feel almost euphoric not being on it. Trying to determine if the good outweighs the bad with this medicine, anyone else going through the same thing?