Dealing with the triggers and the icky feelings

Discussion created by gottamove on Mar 17, 2013

All the scary feeling that go along with quitting cigs. The addiction that smoothed over the rough spots of life complicated by the addiction itself. The anxiety before the quit. The dought and fear of failure.Finally the humility that goes along with the secret shame of being a smoker when it's just a rotten thing to be doing. I has been said many times EDUCATION, education. education  about this particular addiction, addiction itself and identifying triggers. For me the time or place of a trigger needs to be either dealt with or avoided. If I am lonely, do what I need to do to get with some friends, make plans, phone calls etc. If I am simply craving...I chew the nicorette gum. Or for now in the begining don't visit the smoking friend. Nevertheless oh the triggers. Oh the time needed to get through the days hours and minutes until progress shows it's lovely head. Some relief here and there. Progress, hope, education and support. One day at a time. I notice oh...I can breathe better, wow that nagging indigestion is alot less. But Damn I want to smoke.