Friends Who Mock Your Attempt

Discussion created by vanessa4 on Nov 1, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2009 by mark_w3
"What is this the 30th time? Well good luck with that." *chuckles

"Once a smoker always a smoker. You just have to do it in moderation."

Ever had friends tell you this and wonder if they were really your friends? Unsupportive comments from friends or comments that give the sense the person doesn't want you to quit and make that positive sep can have a lot of reasons behind them. I'm sure we can all speculate. But the fact is nothing makes me reach for a cigarette quicker because I think "They're right. I can't do it. I suck. I give up." One of my biggest challenges is ignoring them and listening to my gut. But this time I'm determined. Anybody have good ideas of witty comebacks for unsupportive friends that the website hasn't already mentioned?