questions about multiple triggers, social smoking, and tracking # of cigs

Discussion created by marlee on May 27, 2008
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greetings everyone--new here. I posted this in my "comment" box but thought I should post here as well:

I'm a "social smoker" in that I will go days without smoking, but if I end up going out with friends on any given weekend, I will light up. For several years now, I've tried to look up quitting programs that focus on this sort of habit, and have found little guidance. I like this site and the ability to track when I smoke. There are two things that I've been thinking about with regard to this site: 1. my "trigger" is two-fold or three-fold (i.e., drinking, relaxing, friends) but I can only pick one when doing the tracking. 2. There's nowhere to track how many cigarettes I smoke (i.e., sometimes I may have 2 cigarettes and sometimes I may have 10--which is a big difference to me when for the rest of the week I don't smoke any at all).