Small steps . . .

Discussion created by john-h on Sep 12, 2008
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Wanted to share what's working for me. Been practicing this as I prepared to quit and began cutting back on smoking. Now to see if it really works beyond the cutting back (Only been smoke free about 14 hrs - so far)

What I do to help me through a trigger time or craving is to very slowly, purposefully and mindfully do a simple exercise with focus on my breath. (This is not a workout - it's almost a meditation in movement) For instance after my morning coffee I may just grab a free weight and do a bicep curl EXTREMELY slow - like 10 seconds lifting and 10 seconds going back down - I may repeat this 2 or 3 times focusing on my breath and the movement (try it - man it's a tough little exercise) Or I do a push up as slow as possible - again with focus. Next craving I may do a leg squat the same way or an Ab crunch or a Yoga pose (so that I'm working different parts of my body through out the day).

It has really helped me get past a trigger/craving (without taking up much time) and without realizing it, these small spaced exercises have already changed my body!!! In just a short 2 weeks.

Maybe this will work for some of you too. If so let me know