Living at the gym...

Discussion created by karma on Jun 23, 2008
Please forward my mail there as...

1) I can't stop shoveling food into my mouth and I can barely
drink from my water bottle on the tread mill, let alone have

2) I can act really mean and bitchy and they attribute
it either to pushing myself over the limit or steroid abuse
not the Wicked Witch of the East syndrome!

3) They never cry when I act like Number 2!

4)The problem with Number 1 becomes Number 4, which
is the busted zipper on my favorite pair of pants!

5)Hopefully all that pumping iron will exhaust me and put
me to sleep in a caterpillar coma from which I'll awaken
as a butterfly...or at least a sane human being!

6)I'd like to keep all my hair...not pull it out!

7)I can't hear arguments with my headphones on!

8)Even though I'm running on a treadmill, I do get somewhere!

9)The gym people never say, "For goodness sakes, just go
have a cigarette already, you're driving me crazy!"

10)If all my will power goes out the window, there is always
the motivational power of "my skinny clothes"!

Day 2...and counting : )