i feel stupid

Discussion created by tony-stewart on May 14, 2008
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This was moved and I edited out the parts where I was being an idiot.

so, i went all day without a cigarette. I had a slight craving after lunch, but got through it. Later that night I had a fairly large argument with my girlfriend. I went out for a walk and was tempted to go grab a pack of cigarettes, but didn't. I was incredibly proud of myself. I was going strong today, but had a really large craving around 10:30. I called the girlfriend and she talked me out of it. Listing all the things about my quit that made he happy. Though I just finished lunch and went with a co-worker for a walk. i was going to run downstairs and get more gum.. and instead i went with him outside where he went to smoke a cigarette. I took one from him and smoked. It was kinda gross, my legs felt really strange and after a puff or two I was yelling at myself to put it out.

Instead of putting it out I came back upstairs and posted "this" in it's original form, all about how maybe cold-turkey was a bad idea and that I should have worked the plan longer. Which is just another excuse to keep smoking. Of course I'll want to work on triggers as long as I'm allowed to smoke.

Thank you Giulia.

I need to keep telling myself any attempt at 'rationalizing' smoking a cigarette is bullshit and addiction.