Wasting money on my death

Discussion created by shonna on Jul 17, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2008 by doreen1
It really was the most logical. Why am I wasting money on my eventual death and health problems? I had surgery on my knee last year and still owe about 14 grand. And I have thyroid disease. I feel old already and smoking is only going to add to those health problems so I wanted to "quit while I was ahead". I officially quit on July 8th and made it over the horrible hump and I feel quite happy. Kind of blissful you could say. It's been great. I'm also getting a lot more done. My car is so nice and clean. SO many reasons, just finding more each day. I'm cooking for myself a lot more because I actually eat. Forgot about that thing called eating like a normal person. The list goes on but I'm gonna get back to reading all yours!