Get ready for your quit date on 2/17/21-2/23/21

Discussion created by Mark Employee on Feb 16, 2021

Hi again!

You've probably seen a message from me previously welcoming you to the community. From what I can see it appears your quit date is coming up in a week from now.  To get ready for that date it's good to prepare yourself. Below are a short list of things you can do to prepare yourself for your quit date. Other EXperienced quitters of the EX Community may come along and share their quit wisdom as well. Keep an open mind as you start an amazing journey!

2/17/21:brebur1990 hannapate heatherlouise27 Katt66kensey lagirlland nicolemerlino SusanPerry85
2/18/21: angelanotangie  bryanmchowell CBrook des786 Ehulsinger83 erockorama Glendadetwiler kristen2424 mmuhlestein morrowm589  Patvette
2/19/21: Annie5934 Drewski harmtayash78 iamfreedom Jenlking758 karen.giddings kellyepel mebarbydollh Ssmith1010 Yosie3420

2/20/21: ash1972 br4ck15h6sic6 Janetob1 john3488 Rocsalt ufty4444
2/21/21: reshetia83

2/22/21: a_howard kbarsh Midgeless thall0222 Ttoyvon v12sullen

2/23/21: jess8palm JMoodHF robinsone T22tackett yevette17

If I've somehow gotten your quit date wrong, my apologies. Please ensure your quit date is up to date by following these steps:

  1. Ensure your quit date is set on My EX Plan.
  2. Log out of the community. Use this link. (Logging out of My Quit Plan will not work.)
  3. Log back into so your quit date will sync from My Quit Plan to the community.
  4. Go to your profile (round avatar in upper right of page and click view profile) and click your My Quit Stats tab to see if your date has been updated.