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So many help options out there, what helps? What doesn’t?

Question asked by Tsherman1971 on Jan 24, 2021
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Hi my name is Tammy I’m 49 years old and I have smoked 98% of the time since I was in the 8th grade. I have had periods of non smoking, months here and there. I like smoking. So it’s hard to quit. I have been diagnosed with P.A.D. (peripheral arterial disease). October 14th 2020 I had the pinkie toe on my right foot amputated. And the pinkie toe on left isn’t a happy customer. Sad it took losing a toe to realize as much as I like smoking I love flip flops and toes better. Smoking doesn’t cause P.A.D. By its self but it makes it worse. I can’t explain what losing a part of your body is like. When they took bandages off after 2 weeks I busted out crying first time I saw it. Now that y’all have my background let’s talk options.

there are patches. And my insurance pays for 2 different types of prescription stop sensation medications. I haven’t ever tried prescription meds. cold turkey has never worked. 
i feel overwhelmed and my stop date is February 10th