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Terrified to Start

Question asked by Rosie1917 on Jan 23, 2021
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2021 by elvan

Hey! I am pretty much completely new to working out. I've always done it in small spurts. I've never had a very disciplined routine of it. That said, I did used to run track when I was a teenager and I took a weightlifting class too. I did enjoy those things, but as an adult I am extraordinarily lazy and bogged down mentally with life. I don't know how to start. 


I know being physically active will pretty much guarantee my quit is permanent. And so I obviously want to do that. But, when I put on my running clothes, I get so nervous to be seen at all that I turn back before I even open the door. I feel like my addiction KNOWS running will kill it, so it goes out of its way to stop me from doing something I enjoy. 


Does anyone else have any experience with something like this?