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I just popped a cinnamon flavored Nicotine Lozenge in my mouth. I like the flavor. The lozenge feels a little peppery to me. Not bad.  13 hours no smoke inhalation.  The very first thing I wanted when I got up was a cigarette.   I was intensely thinking should I smoke. I have no cigarettes in the house.  I could drive and get some. That's not happening.  I was going to walk but my brother in law asked me to wait until he gets home in case I should fall and need help. HELP. So by using Nicotine Replacement Therapy how does it make me an ex since I am still getting nicotine. My niece got me into journaling,  got a journal and stickers so I can be creative.  I have that to start. I bought a Yoga exercise pad, so I can do some simple stretches. I have lots of projects to keep me busy. I know how sneaky my mind can be. I am working on a Quit Plan. I asked my doctor if I could just keep smoking.  He said No. I also have the Nicotine Patches. So until next time Stay safe.  Proudly signing out.