Day 11 or 12? I had my last on the first...

Discussion created by Linn2331 on Jan 12, 2021
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Hey there! Well whatever day it is 11th or 12th. I had some moments earlier but I tried to find things to do. It is a bit harder with this Covid. I am somewhat restricted on where I can go because we are having it kind of bad here in my part of Georgia. My family has had some battles with it. So Library, usual thrift stores, visiting and etc. are out. BUT! I did pull out some actual books instead of the Kindle. I played a game. I avoided toxic people so far at least that want to bring me down. And though it is still screaming in my head, (not as much) I read the things to think positive such as, the No, I can’t and replace with, YES I CAN!. And I read about the snakes on the path as warnings you are trying to have one, That is a must for me so I put both on my phone! I love it here. Thank you for this group, the support and the care to let us newbies know there is hope!