Discussion created by Ralph1955 on Jan 11, 2021
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Welcome to 2021 and what a start to the New Year  

Vaccines are coming and I'm set to get my first shot sometime this week.  Yay.  All of us have been going through hell for nearly a year and I'd like to send out a Huge Shout Out to all of you who stayed focused and did not allow the events to cause you to smoke again.

  I'm sure Many of us were tempted by the demon, that's what it does in times of stress, but we forged ahead and kicked him in the ..... well you know

My hope and prayers for everyone in our country is to come together, put all bitterness aside and learn to communicate in a Peaceful manner.  Just as we extinguished the smoking demon lets also erase the past year, learn from the events and show Love and Respect to our fellow Americans.

The New Year brings us a new President and Vice President and I'm looking forward to Change.  We may not agree on everything but we must learn Patience and trust in our incoming government to do the right thing for All of us.  I'm hopeful and hope you are as well.

Love ya all,