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I have almost finished Allen Carr.  I set my quit date for Jan 6. I really paid attention to what he has to say and my behavior. He is spot on. All I could take in was don't quit smoking until your finished reading.  I went to my doctor on Friday for pre-OP. Before I even got to the appointment I decided I was going to smoke when I got home. My doctor and I figured with smoking and quitting during my life, I have smoked off and on for 35 years, mostly on. So I bought a pack and continue to smoke it. Allen tells how he quit during the time he was counseling others to see if he could smoke just one NOT. as he admits. I find listening to him and comparing to my smoking behavior is beneficial.  I also listen to the reading of his book on line. For me it sinks in better when I hear and listen. So book is almost done, cigarette pack is almost finished. I was feeling bad and trying to figure out how I get out of this one. Amazing how our minds can deceive us. The monstor within working on brainwashing. Anyway I have been demoted from Newbie 27 to just Newbie. But I will work on getting promoted. I will keep at it. Thank you all for the kind remarks and encouraging words. It's coming together for me. Til next time. Stay safe.  Newbie.