One of many low dose scans

Discussion created by anaussiemom on Jan 8, 2021
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  I have no options, I have to stop killing myself with cigarettes.  (the only thing I put in my lungs" besides fur and such)
       Hence had a low dose scan done.  Over a week ago.  Finally woke up to the dreaded phone call, of the findings.
Pulmonary Doctor, said scan is Stable.  A better finding than it could have been for sure.
      I feel backed into a corner to not put anything in my lungs (smoke). !! That is a good thing for someone who has smoked for almost 50 years.  I feel grateful to God.   That everything is stable.  I am so blessed with decent health.  Have BP issues, COPD.  As I said could be much worse.
   I vow to take one moment at a time, and not get giddy on my quit.   To stay focused on my new quit.  
 Thank you Ex Org. for having a place to say yeah me", and to help speak of the crazy high &  lows we go thru...