When someone you care about is trying to quit.

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My Ex Boyfriend who is also one of my dearest friends decided to cut down on smokes and eventually quit for good! He realized that it costs him half his disability pension (which is about $500AUD) just by buying the kind that you roll yourself.

On his first day he went back onto the nicotine gum in the spur of the moment and took the advice of the park-chew-park technique that was on the back of the packet and went 12 hours without a smoke. He went from chain-smoking everyday to only smoking 5-10 smokes per day this week. He realizes that he'll only pay about 70 - 80 dollars on the gum for a while. He feels that the Nicotine gum has really helped him a lot! I have asked him a few times how he feels about doing this and he says he feels really good. He is looking forward to the amount of money he will be saving for sure!

He feels that Loneliness and boredom are his main triggers to smoke. Also drama that cause him stress.

But talking to his friends, writing music and  just talking to me help. 

It is so great to see someone who no longer chain smokes. He has proven to me that he really wants to eventually be smoke free.


Can you Please tell me about your stories about how someone you care about chose to quit? I'd love to hear hear about them in the comments!