New Found Time

Discussion created by redpepper on Jan 4, 2021
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2021 by sweetplt

It is pretty cool not to have to open all the doors and windows and spray down the house and wash loads of stinky clothes and blankets and over-Febreeze everything and hose myself down with perfume every. ten. minutes (especially when it's cold)! It's profoundly noticeable that I have so much extra time and energy now that I'm not doing all of that stupid work to cover and deny smoking! I have a three page-long list of to-dos. And seven more days of vacation. Steady as she goes...


A monk once said to me when I asked how to achieve happiness, "Little, little, little."   (slowly, piecemeal, steady, notice the small successes)


I hear her voice in my head a lot these last few days. Little, little, little. 


I'm sure others can relate. Just thought I'd put this on the found time. A benefit of not smoking.