A Bright Spot for the Holiday

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Found elsewhere... wish I were there!


"What would you do if you found a live koala nestled in the branches of your Christmas tree? When she first spotted the adorable cub, Amanda McCormick of southern Australia couldn’t believe her eyes. But the special visitor quickly brought a big smile to McCormick’s face. And luckily for us, she took pictures before calling a wildlife rescue group, who escorted the gentle creature back to its nearby forest home.

Although certainly not the craziest thing to happen in 2020, this whimsical incident brings a touch of lightheartedness to an unusually heavy year. And, it may even be a good omen, if you’re inclined to look for such things (as I am!). In aboriginal lore, Koala represents maternal instincts, and carries a genetic memory of primeval ancestors and mysteries. She climbs upward on the branches of a tree, mediating between earth and heaven. From her high vantage point, she watches for the sacred Ancients’ return. Koala is also said to bring rest and calm to a stormy world."


A koala in a (not  .... tree :)

o/~ ... and a koala in a (not pear) tree  o/~